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NERTI online with Zoom

Free yourself from your irrational fears, your phobias and fears.

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Description du service

What is this ? NERTI is the acronym for “Rapid Emotional Clearing of Unconscious Trauma”. It is a method of releasing uncontrollable fears (phobia, anxiety, panic, shyness, etc.) which synthesizes several approaches: meditation, sophrology, TIPI (Technique for the Identification of Unconscious Fears) and PRI (Past Reality Integration) mainly. It was designed by psychotherapist Luc Geiger. For who ? For what ? NERTI is notably proposed for: All fears and phobias such as: phobias of places, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, phobia of elevators, highways, phobia of animals (insects, spiders, snakes, etc.) Any abnormal emotional reaction such as: fear of abandonment, unhealthy shyness, jealousy, irritability and anger, anxiety, Any abnormal incapacity such as: procrastination, difficulty taking action, fear of success, fear of speaking in public, etc.



Cabinet Grandvaux VerSoi, Chemin de Lallex, Grandvaux, Switzerland

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