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Session Family Constellation with Zoom

Individual Constellation on Zoom

  • 1 15 min
  • 130 francs suisses
  • Séance en ligne

Description du service

I look forward to facilitating a constellation for you personally. Together, let’s unravel the thread of your story for greater peace of mind. Today it is accepted that we carry the strengths and traumas of the generations that preceded us. Family and Systemic Constellations have incredible healing and liberating potential. And They changed my life. Progress of the session I ask you for a theme, an intention in a few sentences. We can chart everything (family of origin, moving, personal and professional relationships, moving, relationships with emotions, bodies, money, dependencies... We carry out a "placement" of your family, of the problems, on a carpet. Then we work for more fluidity, balance. If you have some information about your family, your grandparents, great-grandparents, that's a plus. But we do with the information you have. Do not hesitate to ask me questions if necessary. I will be happy to answer you. Payment on site in cash preferably, thank you. Looking forward to meeting you, looking forward to the transformations and liberations that take place during these sessions.



Cabinet Grandvaux VerSoi, Chemin de Lallex, Grandvaux, Switzerland

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