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Formation Constellation Familiale Suisse
Suzanne Cerutti Thérapies

About me

I am Suzanne Cerutti a therapist, and a facilitator in Systemic and Family Constellations. I am also a fully qualified NLP, Nerti and Reiki practitioner.


 I come from the french part of Switzerland but I am now living in Lagos  - near the ocean - in the wonderful Algarve.


My life has been full of wonderful experiences but also challenging ones. All this has allowed me to become who I am today and to be a better person.

As a child I was very sensitive, I was always curious about the meaning of life and spirituality. It was like a call.

In my life I have had several really interesting experiences that has led me to understand that there is something above us and this guides me each day in my life-journey and my work.


I always knew I wanted to do a job that would allow me to support others so I studied social sciences and gained an HES diploma. Afterwards I carried out an in-depth course in personal development.

I trained in SYSTEMIC AND FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS for over two years under the teachings of psychologist Katharina Lachenmeier, in Pully, in Switzerland.


Furthermore, I attended a thorough training in INTUITION for three years in the Surya Center in Villaz St Pierre, Switzerland, and I now offer Intuition workshops in several cities in the Algarve.


More recently, I trained as a certified MASTER NERTI practitioner that allows me to help people to get rid of fears and

phobias, sometimes within a very short time. 

I am now the first and only practitioner to offer this in Portugal.

During these unprecedented times that we are all going through (March 2020), I challenged myself, and succeeded, in becoming an NLP practitioner.


But what is really important to me, more than all my training, are my life's experiences and my spiritual path, and to be fully engaged in what I am doing.

Suzanne Cerutti

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